Cryolipolise et lipoaspiration à Lyon The practice of liposuction is now restricted to surgeons in a more strictly surgical context, which does not reduce
the risks as much as people would like to think (general anaesthesia, hospital-acquired infections), nor does it guarantee a positive outcome.

A person whose weight is satisfactory and stable can present with 'voluminous' areas that are problematic aesthetically or in terms of wearing clothes, and that no amount of dieting or sport can improve. These areas are the perfect indications
for liposuction.
Liposuction is a technique that aims to improve the figure of the patient by removing deep fat
from the areas where there is an excess, while maintaining the superficial fat necessary to pad
the surface of the skin evenly.
The fat removed will not be replaced by the body, hence the permanent nature of the intervention.

It can never be stressed too much that liposuction treats the line of the figure and not the weight, which can only be treated with dieting.