Soins esthétique des mains

The hands, which are very much exposed to the view of others and which often age at the same rate as the face, can easily give away the real age of the person they belong to, due to the fact that their appearance and movement are so expressive.

And yet, they are often neglected aesthetically, when in fact it is easy to treat them in order to make them look their best and to make them correspond with the face, since they suffer from only two ills, hyper-pigmentation and thinness.

  • Hyper-pigmentation, due to exposure to the sun, can be treated with the laser, during the course of one or several sessions, if the stains are numerous and diffuse, or with a chemical hand peel, or even with liquid nitrogen, if the stains are fewer and more defined.
  • Thinness, which is due to the age-related loss of tissue, can be compensated with the help of the injection of a volume-enhancing product, whether it's the fat belonging to the patient themselves (lipofilling), injected in a surgical setting, or more simply a synthetic product, which lasts less long but is less expensive, represented especially by Radiesse®, which is easy to inject in the setting of an office-based practice.