The nose is rarely mentioned in the context of aesthetic medicine, or its prominence and its deviations from the norm - in other words all its divergences in style and proportion - are simply tolerated.
Although surgery is sometimes unavoidable, it no longer has the monopoly when it comes to aesthetic enhancement of the nose and the profile.

The nose is constantly being subjected to the ravages of ageing, something that can easily be corrected, but even more impressively, it can benefit from significant corrections in the event of trauma, either as a result of an accident or more frequently as a result of rhinoplasty (nose surgery). It's important to understand that even when successful, a rhinoplasty can, in the long term, cause changes to the areas operated on, involving retraction or torsion, which will then  make the past intervention clearly visible.
An extremely simple medical procedure performed on the root, the ridge and the tip of the nose can easily make the nose more attractive by simplifying its shape and size and making it more harmonious with the rest of the profile.
We are always surprised by how successful aesthetically the results are from such a simple procedure since it consists merely of an injection of a very small quantity of filling product, with a possible repeat injection after a few weeks.

In other, more complex cases, a medical procedure will not be sufficient to solve the problem, but it may at least be able to make an intolerable situation somewhat tolerable.

Why choose a major, complicated and risky procedure, when one can opt for a simiple, effective and risk-free one? The treatment of a minor nasal hump is the perfect example.