This allows one aspect of aesthetic care to be taken care of very effectively, one that is neglected too often:

An attractive complexion.

In order to respond to the needs of patients who want to maintain their skin between more major procedures, we offer specific skincare treatments that energize the skin via non-invasive processes. The radiance that they give to the skin is therefore not overshadowed by any unwanted side effects. Four different skincare solutions are offered, and it is good to alternate between them.

Hot mask

No doubt the most pleasurable one. It consists of a mask of hot wax laid onto a Vitamin A acid emulsion, spread onto the skin in a thick layer. A massage causes the active ingredient to penetrate into the skin, giving it long-term tone.
The procedure lasts 1 hour and one care treatment per month should be planned for maintenance purposes.

The Mesolift procedure

Thanks to a mesotherapy gun that uses disposable accessories only, skin tropic oligoelements and vitamins, as well as very fluid hyaluronic acid, are all injected into the surface of the skin; these active elements are highly conducive to the renutrition and hydration of the skin, which is left noticeably toned.
This is a very good care treatment, although it needs to be put in its proper place as a minor maintenance care treatment, despite the fact that there has been a tendency by the media to exagerate its value (and its cost), leading inevitably to disappointment on the part of the patients.
Allow for one session per month.

PGF-Mesotherapy (Platelet Growth Factor)

The blood contains platelet growth factors that can be isolated by centrifugation in order to reinject them into the skin using mesotherapy. This recent and elegant technique allows the body's own resources to be used to stimulate it. Allow for one to two sessions per year.

Superficial facial peels

A quick application of high-dose glycolic acid (80%) or low-dose trichloracetic acid (10-15%) allows the superficial layers of the epidermis to be cleared. This cleansing of dead skin gives the skin a renewed and attractive rosy complexion a few days after a very fine desquamation.

An intensified hydration regimen will complete the result.
Allow for one facial peel per month.