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This medical practice, located in a pleasant part of the city, is a welcoming place completely devoted to improving the individual's body image. The medical aesthetics practised at this establishment combines the most effective recent techniques with the most tried and tested older techniques, and laser hair removal, which must be performed under medical supervision, is now one of the techniques in this range.

The medical approach here is sensible and mindful of the patient's well-being, and is essentially based on achieving harmonious proportions, ignoring all the standards imposed by the fashion industry or by any cosmetic orthodoxy. A natural result is the only thing sought.
An attempt to rush or pressure the client should never be part of the consultation process.

Our team will listen attentively and give clear advice, while offering reassurance and ensuring their availability.

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A propos du docteur denis guillo

Docteur Guillo, médecin esthétique, spécialiste des fils crantés

Dr. Denis GUILLO practises aesthetics using a medical approach, in other words with a truly therapeutic vision, since he believes quite simply that the spirit is much more at ease if the body image is better accepted.

Facial treatments are his area of expertise, which he practises using a fresh approach, far from the surgical approach which people are beginning to grow weary of. The techniques he uses are as unconstraining and non-aggressive as possible, compared with their surgical equivalents. Detail is always a major concern.

He works extensively on improving the technique of non-invasive face-lifts using barbed threads (lifting without cutting the skin), including the recently-proposed improvements (lengthening of the threads, implantation in an X-pattern, EASYLIFT (R) system, hammock beneath the cheekbones, new implantation layout) have been giving very good results for 6 years now, with a very natural look.
This technique, which is very promising, provides exactly the results that patients are seeking.
He is the co-founder and the first president of the SOMEREFs, a recently-formed learned medical society specialising in the study of suspension threads.