• Traitement anti ride par injection et pose de fils tenseurs à Lyon

This young branch of medicine has been expanding considerably over the last ten years due to its numerous advantages. It allows patients to have access to aesthetic enhancement in a very discreet manner within the safe context of a medical procedure, which is always conducted under local anaesthetic, and at a reasonable price.

Taking a small step in terms of aesthetic enhancement - filling wrinkles, reshaping the lips or smoothing the forehead with Botox® - will give great satisfaction to the patient, who will gain in confidence thanks to this improved body image

Bolstered by this rewarding experience, the patient will then, if necessary, be able to consider a bigger step,
whether it be a remodeling of the cheekbone areas, a medium or strong facial peel, or even the implantation of support
threads to treat facial sagging.
These many techniques, which are often used in combination, give great-looking, very natural results
and they give the patient a big psychological boost.

Whatever your requirements, no decisions can be made without a first consultation.


Cabinet médecin esthétique lyon

Our first meeting

This crucial time spent together will allow us to get to know each other, to discuss your wishes and your motivations in more detail, and to find the most suitable technical solution or solutions, taking into account all your distinctive characteristics and constraints, be they anatomical, psychological or indeed budgetary.

The consultation will be backed-up by a file which will be handed to you, containing an explanation of the techniques chosen, mandatory legal documents – an informed consent form, a quote, a medical questionnaire – and any prescriptions, additional examinations or preventive treatments that may be required.

A period of reflection, which is required for surgical procedures, is not required for these types of medical procedures. However, a quote is compulsory, which must indicate the full amount.
After the first consultation, all you need to do is make an appointment for the procedure that you would like, making sure that you bring along the file you were given, completed and signed.

Aesthetic procedures are normally not eligible for reimbursement by the French Health Service (the 'Sécurité Sociale)', and Dr. Guillo practises aesthetic medicine exclusively, therefore he operates within the 'Secteur III non conventionné' (Sector III non-subsidised) sector of the French Health Service (no reimbursement).

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