These days, improving the look of the eyes is no longer purely about surgery of the eyelids, which because of its surgical nature is not offered by our practice. Several other medical techniques are available which bring very real aesthetic benefits.


With the upper eyelid, this involves removing excess skin that gives the face a 'heavy' look. The scar, which is virtually invisible with light skin, disappears into the folds of the eyelid.
Experience shows that raising the tail of the eyebrows using barbed threads, for example, can be sufficient to make the excess skin disappear, making surgery of the upper eyelids of little relevance in many cases.

For the lower eyelids, we prefer not to remove any skin and to apply smoothing techniques instead (laser and facial peels). On the other hand, surgery is inevitable in order to eliminate the fatty pockets that give patients an extremely tired look. One can then intervene either via the external route or via the endoconjunctival route, which causes less trauma.


No matter what anyone says, the skin experiences the laser as a burning process. This results in a long and painful postoperative course, the frequent occurrence of pigmentation anomalies, as well as a final result that is not always convincing, since the skin acquires a look that is too smooth and not very natural.

The EXOPEEL® facial peel is a powerful way of activating the skin, earning it the label 'chemical face-lift'. It results in a less painful post-procedural course, only a rare occurrence of pigmentation anomalies and a very natural skin finish. Its consistency is very reassuring.


Giving renewed volume to the cheekbone areas and to the lips, especially to the lower lip, has an important effect in terms of supporting the look of the face, as does the raising and softening of the ridge of the nose. Several types of injection are possible.


This recent technique allows the eyebrows to be raised in a way that is long-lasting via a minor intervention, which lightens the look of the face and can make surgery of the upper eyelids unnecessary.